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Cómo escribo mi nombre "Javier" en chino, y su pronunciación, gracias!
Dec 11, 2009 1:50 PM
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hola Javier, su nombre en chino mandarín es 哈维尔
December 13, 2009
哈維 or 哈維爾 is commonly used in Taiwan, where JA- is read as HA- in HARD. (or in Japanese Katakana ハビエル)
December 12, 2009
Yes you are right happyrabbit . Hello Javier, You can't really write your name "Javier" without modifications in Chinese. You will need to transliterate it and modify the pronunciation. The 'sound' in "Ja" doesn't exist in Chinese , so you might have to make it a "ka" and "vier" ( the 'V' doesn't exist). You could make it a "bie" ,so your name would be in pinyin " ka bie" and in Characters possibly : 卡别 *kabie2*( where 卡 and 别 do have meanings separately but together are used only to sound like your name and have no meaning in that case) . I think a Chinese native will be better helping you here.
December 11, 2009
I can't read Spanish but I assume you are asking how to wite and pronounce your name "Javier" in Chinese? Am I right?
December 11, 2009
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