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apologizing... Is apologizing degrading? Is it a sing of weakness??? What do you think..
11 dec 2009 17:58
Answers · 4
We sometimes feel that it is mortifying to apologise to somebody. It makes us feel kind of ashamed or embarrassed... But we sometimes regret the lost opportunity to apologise to somebody. Anyway, we should admit that it's a way to restore good relations with others. That's why we should apologise ...We should have the decency to apologise.
11 december 2009
it si the signe of that you can feel the truth..that you can understand the diffrence between bad and good..that you can dare the accept you mistakes...that you can be a good human being....
11 december 2009
Hello, " Is it a sign of weakness ?" No ,it is good. It is an acknowledgment of one's mistake ,which might be sometimes difficult to admit to oneself. Furthermore it is admitting it to someone else, which might be embarrassing and takes courage to do. Doesn't seem a sign of weakness at all !
11 december 2009
Hi ... For me if you feel the need to apologize it is not a sign of weakness, but more a sign of understanding better each other... It could be also the beginning of a good friendship or relationship ...
11 december 2009
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