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you get the miles??? Well and you know, you’re just robbing yourself, because the credit card companies, if you can use them right, you get great benefits, you get cash back or you get the miles, or you get shopping rewards or whatever. Hi, I don't know the meaning of "get the miles" here. Thanks a lot!
11 дек. 2009 г., 19:22
Answers · 2
"You get the miles" refers to frequent-flyer programs where points are gained based on how many miles (ie. distance) you fly with an airline. There's a wiki explanantion of this system here: (sorry for the length of the URL!) This expression often turns up in common use, meaning the more you use a service or product, such as a credit card, the more extra benefits or points you gain as a loyal customer.
12 декабря 2009 г.
Hello Songoku, "Miles" means 'very much' and is used to emphasize the difference between two things or qualities ( here between using the credit cards efficiently or not) , or the difference between what you aimed to do and what you actually achieved. He says ,if you use the credit card the right way you get a lot , very much more than what you aimed of great benefits and cash back. A Surplus of benefits and more than your actual amount of cash!
11 декабря 2009 г.
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