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Who can give me some advice about how to hold a Christmas party with all my classmates and make it fun?
12 dec 2009 00:57
Answers · 3
Throw a regular party, just decorate with Christmas decorations. You can also make Christmas cakes and cookies. Try to have activities planned out too, so that people don't get bored. I'm sure you'll throw a great party! Good luck!!
14 december 2009
you dont need to think about it,.......just come to my house with your all classmate..i will make great arrangement for this party...and will make sure that you feel special and proudy for this choice....
13 december 2009
hello ,i also have some experience about holding Christmas party,Engage in outdoor activities, and arrange a program, but also engage in campfire activities, a lot of fun, with everyone singing and party .
12 december 2009
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