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君君 Junjun
about looks success has nothing to do with looks, really?
Dec 14, 2009 5:22 AM
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What is success?
December 14, 2009
Frankly speaking, it is unfortunate in some ways but I think success has a lot to do with looks. Of course substance, intelligence and so forth matter too. However, looks are the first thing you see. That fact can't be helped. And I do not mean only with regard to people either. Successful advertisements have to look good too; that doesn't mean be beautiful, but something about the way they look needs to catch the viewers eye. Then people will pay attention to the content. I think the same is often true for people. You need to advertise yourself correctly if you want success, and your look has a lot to do with that. However, your look doesn't have to be beautiful, only appealing in some way. Not all appealing things are traditionally pretty, but they are interesting, colorful, exciting, different or well put together... things like this. Well, that is just my opinion. I think plenty of people succeed without worrying about their own appearance. But perhaps they succeed in spite of it, if you know what I mean. It never hurts to take care of your appearance.
December 14, 2009
what look are you try to ask? is it the outfit or the physical appearance of a person.. cowboy...
December 15, 2009
Nowadays people are so obsessed with image. They want their favourite star to be very beautiful and attractive. They want them to be 'skinny' and in good shape. That's why most of the performers are obsessed with appearance. To be strikingly good-looking is what matters to them. Maybe this matters more to them than their art;) Also, many people tend to hire, employ and promote good-looking people. That's why we tend to think that attractive and beautiful people are more popular, fortunate and successful than others. But looks can be deceptive... :) Personally, I find looks very important in our life though I know that we should never judge others by appearance. Fortunately, my job requires nice appearance rather than good looks, though I've noticed that being a good-looking teacher may impress the student and that those who are good-looking and smart are more popular and admired.
December 14, 2009
This is also a cultural matter - for example, my Korean female friends must include their photo with their resume. This is almost unthinkable in my country because that implies discrimination/favouritism here. If you mean success in the 'public eye', then the slightly sad news is that your appearance will have bearing on how much your achievements are valued and recognised. Unless they are extremely amazing or unusual achievements. But as Ana pointed out, people don't have to be traditionally "beautiful" to get attention or be eye-catching. As much as we like the idea of a meritocracy, unfortunately this is not so true in practice...
December 14, 2009
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