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How to use 'wrong' in Chinese? I want to say I used the wrong method. Or I took the wrong road. What word do I use for wrong? I want it to sound very strong.
Dec 15, 2009 7:58 AM
Answers · 4
Wrong in Chinese is 错误(cuowu ). If you said " I used the wrong method" In Chinese is 我的方法是错误的 and 我用的办法是不正确的. wrong in Chinese 错误, 不正确,不对. If you want it sound very strong , In Chinese 完全不正确 ( totally wrong , complete wrong )
December 15, 2009
wrong in chinese have many means and have many different translating. but you can use 错误 to say the meaning of wrong most of time. and you well get more information as you learning improve. don`t worry.learning step by step.
December 15, 2009
when you took the wrong road,you also can speak it like this"我迷路了wo mi lu le."
December 15, 2009
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December 15, 2009
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