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cici liang
who know the band "gordon gano's army"??? HAHA,CAUSE I KNOW a member of gordon gano's army,his name is russell smith ,now he move to china now.
18 дек. 2009 г., 1:06
Answers · 2
Hi Cappuci, this band is very popular here. It's energetic punk from England. It features jangled guitar tones, great vocal harmonies, and fantastic lyrics in a 10 song debut album that people your age love to listen to.
18 декабря 2009 г.
One unfortunate consequence of the rising gas prices is there has been a decrease in bands overseas coming to the U.S. to tour. Luckily, some international bands are still throwing caution to the wind and coming over here to do what they do best. One of the latest bands to do so is Gordon Gano’s Army from the United Kingdom. In just a couple days, they will embark on a 6 week tour across the midwest and up the east coast. Gordon Gano’s Army are touring in support of their debut self titled full length CD/LP on Art of the Underground (which we will have a review of very soon). Accompanying them on tour is Asian Man recording artists Lemuria from Buffalo, NY. As previously mentioned, Gordon Gano’s Army and Lemuria will be playing in Gainesville, FL at The Fest 7. cowboy...
18 декабря 2009 г.
cici liang
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