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What do you keep your handbag/manbag? For example women carry more things than men Is it customary for men in your country to carry a man bag or is it only for tourists?
Dec 19, 2009 4:03 AM
Answers · 8
keys, pen, foldable umbrella, cellphone, wallets, coin purse, tissue paper, cosmetic case, comb, perfume and digital camera
December 21, 2009
my cellphone, pencil case, book, notebook, lip stick, buckle, purse, ipod, and my compact camera. i am prepared to take good photo:) just in case..
December 20, 2009
hi Jura I don't use a handbag in my daily mundane life,but I use it to do my job.You see,in there are perforator, the electronic device to adjust the sat dishes, a kabel, the plug extender, keys,dowels,hammer,screwdrivers.And certainly, there is compartment for earned money. hehe
December 19, 2009
It contains my keys, my cellphone, tissues, pens, my wallet, a small bottle of perfume, some make-up and a hand lotion.
December 19, 2009
hi jura, as much as I can, I keep my things on my packet: money, cellphone, swiss knife, keys, lighter, and other small thing that would fit into it. seldom for me that I carry a 'manbag' in my daily life. :)
December 19, 2009
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