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Chinese question!!!! How do you write names in Chinese? according to pronounciation!? I have no Chinese typing system in my computer yet!! help!
Feb 21, 2008 7:55 PM
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have a try -------------
February 23, 2008
we have chinese typing system in china. and each pinyin match a lot of words..we type in the pinyin(we don't need to type the tone).and then we choose the word that we want to type...most time the system is quite knows the word in our mind(automatically matchs those pinyins with chinese charactors) Good luck to u
February 25, 2008
first you should learn Pinyin,because in chinese each pronounciation may has different chinese words and some words have two or three kinds of pronounciation,then you can buy a chinese dictionary,in dictionary you can learn every word according to its pronounciation.besides that you can buy a book about learning chinese with a cassette,you can learn chinese according to the voice ,spelling,writing,if you have any question,you can look up the word in dictionary.if you have any question in learning chinese,i will be glad to help you!
February 24, 2008
if you wanna to type pinyin with tone please read A if you wanna to use Chinese character please read B A: The software is called "sou gou pin yin",find it and setup. you can see a Panel list when you want to type Chinese by it. you can find a small keyboard icon on the list,and kick right botton on it,and chose the No5 item,then you can see a small soft-keyboard. the all pinyin is on it.Note:this sofeware can be used on the Chinese version windows system,I dont know whether it does work. B: This sofeware also can type Chinese character by pinyin,if it doesnot can try this way. Control panel ---- Regions Languages----Language item ----- Detail info --- Add choose Chinese on the top item choose "Microsoft Pinyin 2003" or"智能ABC" on the lower item. this way usually can work because it supply with microsoft. good luck :D
February 22, 2008
do you know Pin Yin? and sure enough, it is just like English.
February 22, 2008
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