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Could Santa be Polish? I would like to share a link for a special "Santa Must Be Polish" lyrics and music by Bobby Vinton
23 ديسمبر 2009 03:48
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Yeh in Poland he will probably be Polish, they won't import a foreign guy for the event ;)
24 ديسمبر 2009
thanks for sharing! =)
24 ديسمبر 2009 I believe the closest ancestor (?) to Santa Claus comes from the Dutch Sinter Klaas. You'll see a lot of similarities between the American Santa and the older Dutch Sinter Klaas... of course there are also some very important differences. Notably the parts having to do with Santa's helpers, and coming from Spain as opposed to the North Pole. The US Santa is also a pushover for presents. He doesn't quite have the same set of systemic punishments that other Saint Nicolas stories seem to have for misbehaving children. You can check out the link for the details.
24 ديسمبر 2009
santa is just amesanger of god.....and can be anyone...hindu,muslim,polish,whatever
23 ديسمبر 2009
Finns would use that as casus belli to start a war.
23 ديسمبر 2009
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