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shiny royal
any one here? clerification = any one here for whom christmas is just the normal day for working hard, same as other days, because of their harder and bigger goals those they have set!
25. Dez 2009 10:37
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I am here in my home and not working <:-P !!! Anyway i do belive in goals and stuff like that but working on an Cristmas day when you do not have to , and to belive that your chances to reach your goals are determined by working on Chistmas day it seems foolish to me. Christmas is a day when family comes on first place! Beiing with them gives you energy and inspirarion to work hard on the next year. Sure there are certain cases when people must work and there is not anything to comment on this but if you are not forced to work you better not do it in an Christmas day!
25. Dezember 2009
shiny royal
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