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shiny royal
a question to girls here............! a boy -his name is "A"...his characteristics are he is very handsome he dosent like study he drinks and smokes, goes to clubs every day he is play boy and funny in nature but he is talented other boy named "B" he is very handsome he likes study dosent drink and smoke, serious nature, dosent go to clubs and also talented which boy would you like....? most time i have seen that A type boys are girl killer and though B type boys want girls but they cant because girls prefer type A....@mona! i agree to mona, but thats why i am confused that why girls choose type "B" , though they know that "B" will break heart!
Dec 25, 2009 1:08 PM
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The BIG difference betwen A type of boys and B type of boys is that B type of boys want just any girl. All the girls have an instinct to know which boy wants just any girl or a certain girl, and go to pick up someone like A type of boy. If B type of boys don't unconsiously reveal they just want any girl, they wouldn't have been avoided by girls. A type of boys are good at treating girls like "You're different from other girls, have something other girls don't have, so I cannot choose another." Any girls will not like to be one of apples on the ground instead of an apple on a tree.
December 27, 2009
All of our instinctive behavior can be traced to our evolution in the primitive environment of early man. Females, to ensure the survival of their children, seek two things in a man: the strong, brash, risk-taking, arrogant type A, who will provide genes to her children useful in hunting food and defending against attackers; and the nurturing, caring, thoughtful type B, who will stay with the children and provide for them. These characteristics are often not found in the same man. Interestingly, women find type A more attractive when they are ovulating (i.e., collect the good genes when the time is right) and type B during the rest of their cycle (i.e., increase the chances of the children being cared for). How is this information useful to the frustrated young man in 2009? Not much, except to help explain the often mysterious nature of women's affection. Advice: Be yourself, don't be meek or show insecurity (lack of confidence is a real turnoff), and don't be mean. However, good-natured teasing often has excellent results.
December 25, 2009
Hello I think girls prefer type A because he seems less serious and then girls can have some fun with... Life is serious enough so don't take it to seriously
December 25, 2009
def B
December 30, 2009
ahahah I agree with Cherry.. I choose Type C.
December 29, 2009
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