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When western christmast day comes to china , will chinese festivals be received by other countsie ? now many people say things like that the world as small as a village when they talk about the globalization . truely as they say . what be celebrated in different areas during different peopele now seems to connect together with various holidays or festivals .though different coulture and customs . for example ,christmas day ,Valentine's Day and so on .how about chinese festivals in your country .amercian ? japan ? england ? or cannada ? will our festivals spread to your areas ? like spring festival ,the Dragon Boat Festival ?or your life change because of our chinese customs .a little curious . by the way .maybe late though .marry christmas .^^
Dec 26, 2009 9:03 AM
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Hi Nowitzki, in Australia there are many Chinese people. In the 1850's many Chinese migrants came to Australia during the Gold Rush and brought their traditions , food and religion with them. Most Australian cities have an area called Chinatown which is full of restaurants, shops and products from China. Chinese food has always been popular here. Chinese New Year is celebrated and some seaside towns have annual Dragon Boat Festivals.
December 26, 2009
Essentially, Christmas is not a 'western' festival, as you call it. It is a festival in memory of the birth of Jesus Christ, the Messiah of the entire world, not just about west or east. Christianity is global, which makes its celebration universal. Although much of the reason why it's so festive today is the shopping atmosphere. Still, only because the day is important enough that businessmen can make use of it to earn good money. Although the seond 'western' festival you mentioned is not about religion per se. Interestingly and coincidentally here, Valentine is a Christian saint, isn't he? Lol!
December 26, 2009
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