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shiny royal
so the craziest night of this year is coming...whats your plan? [dont say "i am sleeping"] @ fede...i will cook a great dinner and then we will go to clubs...!
Dec 28, 2009 2:38 AM
Answers · 4
dinner party~
January 1, 2010
i will stay with my family then before midnight i will get those fire crackers and light it up...ahhh!!! i almost forgot to include those little explosive things.. if your going to club dont you forget to drop by on me.. cowboy...
December 29, 2009
oh..I'll go at the party with my friends
December 28, 2009
ahah the craziest night? well...I think I'll have dinner with my family until midnight then I'll go to a party with some friends but we haven't decided the details yet... what about you??
December 28, 2009
shiny royal
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