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what are your plans for this year?
30 dic 2009 21:45
Answers · 7
uffff!!! many things and the yr is almost over.. - learn piano -learn how to play the irish tin whistle - learn arabic, and french -get a doggie -visit egypt, morocco in lebanon -and graduate ! i think this is going to be my plan lisr for next yr since i couldnt accomplished them all this yr :S
14 dicembre 2010
i plan of nothing i just wait what will happen... cowboy...
5 gennaio 2010
find a ideal job and travel to some foreign countries,learn a new foreign language............blah,blah too many things wanna to do......but it's easy to say,hard doing,LOL:)
2 gennaio 2010
i will graduate
31 dicembre 2009
I will stay home most of the time
31 dicembre 2009
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