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How to learn French? I found it is very difficult to memorize those changing forms of verbs.....
Feb 22, 2008 8:35 AM
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Well yes it is difficult , because it is different than what you are used to in your native language ,so you have to adapt your mindset when learning it , you have to accept that fact that it is something new and different , and it takes time and effort to memorize and learn it by heart , because some things in a language has to be learned basically by heart ,, So by practicing ,listening and repeating you will memorize . In english the verb conjunction is not a big deal , very simple , but in french you find the endings changing with every tense , and e very personal pronoun ! So the good thing is to write down those endings and then start to practice using different verbs and writing their conjunctions down ,,, little by little you will learn it by heart ! salut :)
February 23, 2008
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