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How to use the "presente de indicativo"? Who can give me some sentences and analysis,thanks!
Feb 22, 2008 9:00 AM
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Hi Elena, It depends on the conjugation of the verb, and the person and the number of the subject. In spanish we have 3 conjugations: 1st (verbs ended with -ar), 2nd (verbs ended with -er) and 3rd (verbs ended with -ir). I mean the infinitive form of the verbs. You must anyway extract the root of the verb and add the suitable suffix. Examples: 1st conjugation infinitive form = amar yo amo (am-o) = i love = 我爱 tú amas (am-as) = you love = 你爱 él/ella/ello ama (am-a) = he/she/it loves = (他/她/它)爱 nosotros amamos (am-amos) = we love = 我们爱 vosotros amáis (am-áis) = you love= 你们爱 ellos/ellas aman (am-an) = they love = (他/她/它)们爱 2nd conjugation infinitive form = comer yo como (com-o) = i eat = 我吃 tú comes (com-es) = you eat = 你吃 él/ella/ello come (com-e) = he/she/it eats = (他/她/它)吃 nosotros comemos (com-emos) = we eat = 我们吃 vosotros coméis (com-éis) = you eat= 你们吃 ellos/ellas comen (com-en) = they eat = (他/她/它)们吃 3rd conjugation infinitive form = vivir yo vivo (viv-o) = i live = 我住 tú vives (viv-es) = you live = 你住 él/ella/ello vive (viv-e) = he/she/it lives = (他/她/它)住 nosotros vivimos (viv-imos) = we live = 我们住 vosotros vivís (viv-ís) = you live = 你们住 ellos/ellas viven (viv-en) = they live = (他/她/它)们住 Finally, i would say that these are regular verbs. There are some irregular verbs that have different conjugation because their root changes. But that is for the future, i think you should first master the regular conjugations. See you soon
February 22, 2008
Presente del indicativo, como yo le entiendo, se usa por acciones que pasan en el presente (por ejemplo, hoy) o que costumbran acontecer (de costumbre, usually): Voy a la oficina ahora mismo. Voy a la oficina cada día laboral. Por conjugar verbos, hay este sitio muy bueno:
February 23, 2008
The indicative is a "modo del verbo". The other two modes are Subjunctive (Subjuntivo) and Imperative (Imperativo) Indicativo "Yo llamo" Yo llamo y nadie me responde. Subjuntivo "Que yo llame" El quiere que yo llame a su papá. Imperativo "Llama" Llama ahora, antes de que salga.
February 27, 2008
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