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give me some korean sentences and words? informal preferably haha. it doesnt matter what sentence lol! mostly ones used everyday or that are common or helpful.
Jan 1, 2010 8:23 PM
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뭐해? What are you doing? 짜증나 I'm annoyed / it's annoying 밥 먹었어? Have you eaten? (one way of saying "How are you?") 춥다 It's cold / that's a poor joke 썰렁해 That's a poor joke 미쳤구나 You're crazy 속이 안 좋아 / 메슥거려 I feel queasy 내일 봐 See you tomorrow 무슨 일 있어? What's the matter? 내가 쏠게 It's on me 죽인다 / 죽여준다 / 끝내준다 It's f*cking hot/great 설마! Impossible! 약 올리지 마 Don't tease me. 죽을래? Wanna be beaten? 놀고 있네 / 웃기고 있네 You're talking crap 뻥치시네 You're lying 뻘쭘하다 / 뻘쭘해 I feel awkward/uneasy 쌩까 Ignore it/them 뭐 잘못 먹었어? What drove you nuts? 기분 째진다 I feel so good
January 3, 2010
어떻게 지내세요
January 2, 2010
Do you want what kind of sentence?
January 2, 2010
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