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jang hyo
Help me with studying English^ ^ Hello, I'm janghyo. I'm studying English, and i had to make sentences with some given questions but some made me confused could you help me find mistakes in my sentences,? thanks in advance! 1. a -there is no reason that you can go. b -there is no reason why you can go. 2. a-Sometimes memories, which can last for a lifetime are valuable than jewely b-Memories that can last for a lifetime are sometimes valuable than jewely. 3. a-the man who is in advance usually do well. b-I found a friend with whom i can study. 4. a-Items that made by hands often have highest quility. b-Items which made by hands often have highest quility.
Jan 3, 2010 4:21 AM
Answers · 1
1) I would avoid 'that' altogether, like: "There's no reason you can't go." 2. Either of these two: a- Sometimes memories, which can last a lifetime, are MORE valuable than jewelry. b- Memories that can last a lifetime are sometimes MORE valuable than jewelry. 3. The 'a' sentence makes little sense. Not sure what you mean by it. 'b' is entirely correct; but don't forget to capitalize "I", of course. 4. For 'a' goes the same as for 1); just drop 'that' or 'which' altogether: ab- Items made by hand are often of the highest quality.
January 3, 2010
jang hyo
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