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Cute Rascal
Is there a coffee break in tea factory ?
3 de Jan de 2010 às 14:35
Answers · 8
They have a tea break. A lovely old lady wheels around a trolley with teas and buns and cakes and everyone has a lovely time, and they all go back to work with big smiles. Coffee drinkers are branded as heretics and sent outside with the smokers.
4 de Janeiro de 2010
We can called it"tea break" or "tea time"
4 de Janeiro de 2010
Ha ha, funny man!
4 de Janeiro de 2010
i think even you work in a tea factory it's not probihited to drink coffee. cowboy..
4 de Janeiro de 2010
Of course there is a coffee break in a tea factory,but whether they are serving coffee as well or tea only depends on how generous the management is ;)
3 de Janeiro de 2010
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