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who is willing to exchange "persian arabic arabic persian dicitonart with me i am chinese, i learn arabic ,persian,, but the words of these 2 language are somewhat similar, i am confused often, so i need one small pocket" arabic persian persian arabic dicionary" i can find the following language dictionary to exchange: any kinds of chinese dictionary. arabic chinese,hebrew chinese, persian chinese, portugese dictionary, romanian dictionary, latin dictionary, dutch,swedish ,danish,norwegian,icelandic, hungarian,finnish, polish,czech,croatian,slovak ,serbian,bulgarian,ukrainian,slovene, estonian,latvian ,lithuanian. turkish,greek,albanian, many chinese ,japanese,korean,vietnames, indonesian, burmese, thailand, armenian, cambonian, hindi,urdu,bengali , sanskrit,nepali, mongolian, kazahstan,uzbek,
Jan 6, 2010 8:11 AM
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now i have almost all language dictionary i need, only lack one persian arabic,arabic persian last, online dictionary is not reliable!!!!!!!!! i dislike online dictionary anyway,thanks!!! there is a will, there is a way i believe i can get one day
January 7, 2010
Hello Yuanyilin, If you browse for dictionaries of all those above languages online you will find plenty of them. That is another time-saving and cost effective alternative to buying or exchanging pocket dictionaries.
January 6, 2010
i can give u a dictionarry for free i will send u its link soon
January 6, 2010
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