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阿忠 ā zhōng
You can't be too careless.Its correct? or "You can't be too careful" Why? thanks
Jan 6, 2010 8:48 AM
Answers · 5
can't and careless, both are negative, it is like algebra, negative negative become positive. "You can't be too careful" Here, can't is negative, but careful is not. Thus the meaning in this sentence is negative. I think, You can't be too careless is correct, but it is not the same as You can't be too careful.
January 6, 2010
yes........but sometime when we be careless it gives us a great pleasure
January 8, 2010
Hello 阿忠 ā zhōng, You seem to ask whether this one or that is correct to use in a certain context. Both sentences can't be compared, they are quite the opposite in meaning.
January 6, 2010
The sentence is fine, assuming that you are using it in the right context.
January 6, 2010
hello a zhong... you cant be too much careless or too much need to maintain balance!
January 6, 2010
阿忠 ā zhōng
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