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What does "i.e" mean in english???
2010년 1월 8일 오전 7:22
Answers · 3
The abbreviation "i.e." comes from the latin words "id est" which means "that is" (or, "in other words") "i.e." doesn't mean "for example", even though some people incorrectly use it in this way. "e.g." means "for example". It's short for "exempli gratia", which means "example provided". i.e. = that is / in other words e.g. = for example cowboy...
2010년 1월 8일
yeah... "i.e." is a latin word ("id est") means "that is" in english. :)
2010년 1월 8일
means "that is"
2010년 1월 8일
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