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What is the most beautiful language?)
8 Oca 2010 21:04
Answers · 12
Communicating through eyes rather than words. Eyes can be a window into the soul. They can say everything.
8 Ocak 2010
i think my language is very beautiful
9 Ocak 2010
Hi Helena any language with which we can communicate with others persons, is a wonderful thing sonia
9 Ocak 2010
mother toungue
8 Ocak 2010
The Irish have a lovely saying, "is fearr gaeilge briste ná bearla cliste": it means that even if you speak Irish badly (gaeilge briste=broken Irish), you'll still sound much better than if you spoke English perfectly (=bearla cliste). Just a random comment! :)
12 Ocak 2010
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