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it big difference between english and american languages ?
Feb 23, 2008 1:21 AM
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Hi sasha. The answers you've already been given are either wrong (Katy) or incomplete (Mike and Aisha). As well as differences in spelling and pronunciation*, there are also some differences in vocabulary. Have a look at this page: [*This is the correct spelling of "pronunciation". It is not "pronounciation".]
February 23, 2008
Not a big difference between standard British and American English. If you understand how most British people speak or how newscasters from the BBC or American networks speak then you should be able to understand with relative ease most countries' standard dialect. English in traditionally English speaking countries is relatively continuous as a whole compared to the dialectal differences in most other languages.
March 3, 2008
Pronounciation and sometimes the spelling is different. In USA, there are many accents. Northern States like NY has different accent than Southern states like Louisiana and Mississippi.
February 23, 2008
There is British English and American English. The differences between them are spelling and pronounciaton. It all depends on what area you go to that changes the way people pronounce things. Those are just some of the main diffenerces there's more though as well as there are more types of English. i.e.) Canadian English, Australian English, pigdin English...
February 23, 2008
the Americans speak English - there is no difference apart from the accent. there is no american language.
February 23, 2008
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