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I need some tips for backpacking. Anybody, help me !!!
2010年1月13日 14:13
Answers · 9
Wear shoes suitable for hiking, with high tops, if possible. This is very important. If your shoes are too loose, wear an extra pair of socks. If your shoes rub anywhere you will have blisters and I can tell you from exerience that a blister out on the trail, away from any help, is torture. Take a small medicine kit (emphasize small) with bandages, just in case. If you are just starting out, make the backpack as light as possible. Don't overdo it until you are used to the shoes, the physical demands and the load.
in my experience i carry those light things only plastic bottle for water even your cloths,try to have spare plastic bags for your weat cloth,bring rope if possible i can suggest that boots is a good shoes,if you brings foods in can make sure that can was made from aluminum. "you can bring anything but do not leave anything" cowboy...
People have given ua very usefull tips. My tip: Depending on the place that you are thinkin about going, the garments to use will be.
Some more things if you are going overseas: ATM and credit cards eg ATM and credit card Some emergency cash Sun glasses (depending on trip) If you need them glasses and contacts lenses 1st aid/medicine kit Wash kit Mosquito net and duct tape to fasten (depending on the trip, i.e. African) Documents: emergency number, insurance, passport, flight details, vaccination certificates, etc. Guidebook or map
Important contact numbers in case of emergency.
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