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Mrs Shipra
How do one record online speach? MY brother is learning online.I want to learn therefore I want to record it.How do one record online speach?
15 gen 2010 21:07
Answers · 3
using brain to record is the best way to learn language than other tools!!!
16 gennaio 2010
Turn on the recorder, press the record button to start.
16 gennaio 2010
If you want to record your own voice to send, try using Audacity (download at and 'export as mp3' to send. There's a list of other free download programs here: ...use mp3 for emailing files as it's one of the most compact formats for audio. Don't use 'wav' format, as that's 10 times as large as mp3 (even though wav is higher quality). There is a program which records from your sound card, meaning whatever you hear on your speakers can be recorded. I'll see if I can find it.
16 gennaio 2010
Mrs Shipra
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