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David Wei
What does keep track of time mean?
Jan 18, 2010 1:16 AM
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'Keep track (of someone or something) is an idiom meaning you 'monitor someone or something; have information about what is happening or where somebody/something is. = 'keep an eye on someone or something' = 'have an eye on someone or something' = 'kepp watch on someone or something' It is the opposite of 'lose track of someone or something' (= to forget where someone or something is; to lose or misplace someone or something): 'I lost all track of time (= forgot what time it was).' 'When I get tired, I tend to lose track.' 'The mother lost track of her child and started calling her.'
January 18, 2010
It means you should be aware of time every time u are doing something so that u don't spend too long time on silly things. I use beep hourly alarm app for this
November 1, 2015
mean blow with time....dont get behind
January 18, 2010
Hi ... It means then you have to keep an eye on the clock...
January 18, 2010
more than being aware of the time, "keeping track of time" would also mean organizing the task with respect to the time. here, you literally assigned a 'completion time' to each process of a certain task. :)
January 18, 2010
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