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shiny royal
as a foreigner student in china which kind of plans can i have as WINTER HOLIDAYS PLAN! [because i know some very common plans...i request you to give some extra oridinary suggestion]
19. Jan 2010 12:27
Answers · 3
As you can speak chinese, so the whole thing becomes simplier! you can visite you chinese friend's hometown to exprience the real chinese new year yourself! You can travel to around china to visit a places that you are expecting for a long time! You can invite some your friends to your house to cook and play together! That’s all I can figure out! Good luck and happy new year!
20. Januar 2010
maybe go to some places you have ever been to,and you know nobody there.not the places developed very well.You can see old tradition of chinese's kind of like an adventure.but that maybe difficult for an alone foreign traveller.
20. Januar 2010
well,if u don't go back your contry,maybe u can try to visit your chinese friends' hometown;China is so big that you can travel a lot.
19. Januar 2010
shiny royal
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