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What is ur bad habit that u will never be able to change it??? this question is just for fun. No need to take it serious ^_^
Jan 19, 2010 1:39 PM
Answers · 9
When it comes to coffee, resistance is futile ... :D
January 22, 2010
brush my teeth walking around the house
January 20, 2010
I am going to share with italki members a bad habit I have since I was a child. When I eat sausages (these kind of sausages: First, I eat the peel then the rest of it. Well, I told all of you my worst habit. Don't laugh! Sonia. =)
January 20, 2010
Make indonesian friends... =P I don't know... maybe my music addiction (Can you image when I'm on bus? It's strange... I use to drum everything that I can... =] )
January 20, 2010
i am little lazy..but i cant say "I-CANT-CHANGE-TYPE-HABBIT"..i am trying and i think i will change it!
January 20, 2010
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