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Is grammar very important in learing English? How to improve it? Thanks a lot!
20 янв. 2010 г., 15:11
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Hi! When somebody asks me or objects about learning Grammar, I say: Even when you ask a simple question like HOW ARE YOU? You are using Grammar. So you don't have to think If learning Grammar is important when learning a second language or your mother tongue. The phrase could be GRAMMAR is ESSENTIAL. I have been studying English on my own for three years more or less with grammar books. I am good at Reading, writing and use of English but not at Speaking and Listening because I became a fan of Grammar books. I am trying to improve those parts I am not good at.. I have started the trade school last year and I am quite sure I'll be a Grammar teacher when I get my degree. Grammar gives us the confidence we need when learning a second language. Sonia. =) P.S. Maybe Mark Kramer. I don't remember that unit in my books. I'll check it later or tomorrow, thanks.
21 января 2010 г.
To improve your ability to use correct grammatically formed sentences you have to practice reading, writing and listening English a lot. Indirectly you will get hold of the sentence structures and memorize them through practice. A concrete way to learn is using grammar books, getting acquainted with the grammatical rules and applying them through exercises. Here are also some sites that you might like to check, they could help you practice grammar. Lots of quizzes and tests as well to test your level. They are supported with audio and video material : Good luck :)
21 января 2010 г.
Hello Cherish, It is an important component of any language not only English. If you acquired lots of vocabulary and learned to pronounce English correctly, but you didn't know how to form correct sentences then your English is likely to turn incomprehensible for the receiver. If you said for example: " I was learned English on my friend while 2 years." Having used the wrong tenses and prepositions , this sentence sounds pretty odd ,incomprehensible and doesn't convey your message. Grammar puts the words in the right order and helps you use the correct tense,preposition, adjective ,adverb etc to precisely express what you want to say. It is an essential part of learning English without doubt!
21 января 2010 г.
Hello Grammar is the structure of the language... It is very important to know how to use a word in a sentence...
20 января 2010 г.
Hi have a look at
21 января 2010 г.
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