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Why people do not fly?
Jan 21, 2010 11:20 AM
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They are too heavy, their arms are too small, and air is not dense enough. The lift that flapping arms can provide is less than a kilo; not nearly enough to lift a person. Much larger arms, such as the size of the Gossamer Condor, would be needed. The Gossamer Condor was the first man-powered aircraft. If air were much denser, like water, arm flapping would produce more force. Swimming is like flying in water. We swim well because the flapping produces more force, and because the water provides a buoyant force that reduces our weight. -------------- English lesson: a better wording is "Why can't people fly?" or "Why don't people fly?" -------------- Alternative answer: Because people prefer the good food on airplanes.
January 21, 2010
because there must be something cant fly.and human in those list.maybe he think human can be smart enough to figure out how to fly by other tools.he had confidenct on it haha.
January 25, 2010
I believe, I can fly in my mind, in my soul :) Why can't people fly??? I do no, but dream is to fly in my world! :)
January 23, 2010
The correct way to write this is: Why can't people fly?
January 22, 2010
well, in fact they are flying using it not enough?
January 22, 2010
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