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Salut, pourriez-vous m'aider s'il vous plait? I’m testing myself to see how my French is coming along, so I thought I’d try and translate part of a French children’s book. I understood most of the vocabulary (as it was fairly simple) and used a dictionary for words and phrases I didn’t know (e.g. I did not know that “faire l'école buissonnière” meant “play truant”). Anyway, here is the beginning of the story in French followed by my translation. Biscuit fait l'école buissonnière Ce matin-là, comme tous les matins, Biscuit s'apprêtait à partir pour l'école. Maman chat lui fit ses recommandations habituelles. Et Biscuit s'engagea sur le chemin. Le soleil brillait dans le ciel et illuminait les prés. "Quelle belle journée!" pensa Biscuit "Je n'irai pas en classe aujourd'hui. J'ai autre chose à faire!" My translation: Biscuit plays truant. This morning, as in every morning, Biscuit prepared himself to leave for school. Mama cat made him her usual recommendations. And Biscuit himself started upon the way. The sun was shinning in the sky and lit up the meadows. "What a beautiful day!" Biscuit thought, "I will not go to class today. I have something else to do!" I usually use online translators (such as WorldLingo) to double-check my translations, but there were some differences between my translation and the one provided on the site. Can you help to correct the mistakes I’ve made? I’d really appreciate it! Merci beaucoup, in advance. =) Thank you Cherry! =)
Jan 21, 2010 6:39 PM
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Hello Sage, It is a very good translation indeed !
January 21, 2010
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