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What are the mistakes in this translation? This is a continuation from my last question on translating a children’s story from French to English. Can you help me to correct the mistakes I’ve made? Au détour de la route, il rencontra un limaçon. “Je portais ce bouquet à la maîtresse. Mais, tiens! Je te le donne,” lui dit-li, “car aujourd’hui je ne vais pas en classe. J’ai autre chose à faire!” “Petit coquin!” répondit le limaçon. “Tu devrais…”. Mais Biscuit n’écoutait plus. Il poursuivait un papillon. Un peu plus loin, un oiseau bâtissait son nid au creux d’une branche. Biscuit l’interpella: “Hé! Bonjour l’oiseau. Que fais-tu là?” “Je travaille…comme tout le monde. Et toi?” “Moi?” s’exclama Biscuit, surpris “Moi…je me promène.” Et il s’éloigna rapidement, oubliant dans l’herbe son beau cartable. Il fut bientôt attiré par un gros tronc d’arbre d’où sortait une dizaine d’abeilles. My translation: On a detour from the road, he met a (limaçon). “I carried this bouquet for the teacher. But, (tiens)! I give them to you,” (lui dit-li), “because today I do not go in class. I have something else to do!” “Little rascal!” the (limaçon) replied. “You should….” But Biscuit was not listening anymore. He pursued a butterfly. A little further, a bird built its nest in the hollow of a branch. Biscuit shouted: “Hé! Good morning bird. What do you do there?” “I work…as everyone. And you?” “Me?” exclaimed Biscuit, surprised. “Me….I take my walk.” And he quickly moved away, forgetting in the grass his beautiful satchel. He soon came by a large tree trunk from where came out (dizaine) bees. I’ve put any words I don’t understand in brackets ( ) and left them in their French form (can you let me know what they mean?). I tried using my usual online translator but all it did was confuse me. =( Thank you Marie-Hélène and Peachey! =)
Jan 22, 2010 6:52 PM
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Hi Sage, I've double-checked the words you're not sure of... perhaps 'limaçon' is like 'limace', a slug? 'Tiens!' is sometimes used by itself to mean 'well!' or 'hey look here!' (which might fit your translation better). 'Lui dit-il' = 'he said to him' 'I did not go TO class' (je ne vais pas en classe)... just a correction. ;) 'Hé' = 'hi!' or 'hey'! 'dizaine' means 'ten', or 'about ten' Bonne chance!
January 23, 2010
Bonjour La traduction semble correcte mais je ne vois aucun mot entre parenthèses "je te le donne lui dit-il"
January 23, 2010
@ Peachey and Sage un "limaçon" est une petite limace... It is not slang at all !
January 23, 2010
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