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l have learn english for a long time ,but no progress l have made .just lie in the environment?
23 янв. 2010 г., 14:27
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Hi There Don't give up. Keep on trying. Be positive. Take it slowly. Everyone learns languages in different ways. You really need good friends to practice having conversations. If you want you can practice typing to me. (Add me as a friend). Try to keep on surrounding yourself with good quality English media, as others have suggested. :) Best of luck Malini
24 января 2010 г.
I would rather say a DEEP IMMERSION like a submarine.;) You have to surround yourself with the host of audio books, movies, satTV channels (you can find them in the net too).In short, you've got the wise tips already. I meant the answers above.
23 января 2010 г.
Here are also some sites that you might like to check, they could help you practice grammar, vocabulary ,comprehension and pronunciation in English. Lots of quizzes and tests as well to test your level. They are supported with audio and video material : Good luck :) 加油!
23 января 2010 г.
Make lists of words you learned and categorize them, e.g words you use at the office , words you use at school , greetings etc.... - Keep a diary in English . Try to use the new words you learned to write and compose simple sentences .The more you add up to your vocabulary, the more you can form intricate ones. Test your level!. -Take a holiday abroad if you can afford in countries speaking English. It is an opportunity to practice with natives and learn more about the culture and people.You can sign up in language courses in those countries as well beside visiting its historical and monumental buildings and museums . You will be using guiding phrasebooks to help you get along there. The whole process will help you learn more words, expressions and practice speaking. All the above can help you improve your language. Intensifying your efforts will make you improve faster. Concentrating on whatever method you are applying will guarantee you a more steady improvement.
23 января 2010 г.
Hello Sweety, Yes do the 'immersion' thing and here are some tips to help you improve your English in general: You have to practice and increase your vocabulary through different means such as : *Reading at your level of comprehension simple texts or books and looking up new words . * Listening to English through music and possibly reading the lyrics. * Watching movies in English with subtitles in your mother tongue.. * Chatting with natives online using voice chats or in real life .Mingling with natives is a very good way to be constantly listening to speech in English, even if you don't understand at the beginning.
23 января 2010 г.
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