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What does 'majide' (japanese) mean? and when is 'MAJIDE' used? :)
24 de ene de 2010 11:01
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LOL. Watched some Anime, did ya? :) Well, so did I! I think it's close in meaning to "Hontou ni?!" Like: "Oh, really?" Or "Seriously?!"
24 de Enero de 2010
Hi, Mark's example is definitely fine. You can say "majide" when you ask someone if what he said is truth or not. And it's written in Japanese, "マジで"。 My English grammer is poor. Sorry. I wish you could understand what I mean. Thanks!!
24 de Enero de 2010
In addition to what they say, majide is a slang term of "are you kidding?" etc.. and is used mainly by young people.
24 de Enero de 2010
LOL, didn't they use this phrase in a show 'I Survived A Japanese Game Show' They translated it as 'You got to be crazy' Pretty much you see similar contexts answering your second part of your questions with the other definitions other users have posted up to now :P
27 de Enero de 2010
In addition, it's typically used by young boys in casual conversation. Girls, depends on how they were raised.
25 de Enero de 2010
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