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what is the difference between “let us ”and“ let,s”
Jan 24, 2010 4:29 PM
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"Let us" and "Let's" are the same. "Let's" is a contraction of "Let + us." A contraction is a combination of two words. Its sole purpose is to simplify. Other examples of contractions are: Don't= Do + not Mine's= Mine+is I'd= I + would
January 24, 2010
"Let's" is just a contraction of "Let us". The former is a bit more casual, perhaps, but there's no difference in meaning between the two.
January 24, 2010
I do not completely disagree with Anney. Yes, "let us" and "let's" is the same. BUT, in English, it is natural to assume that, when one uses the contraction "let's", they are making a friendly request. It does not imply someone is asking for permission. "Let's go to dinner!" When someone says "Let us...", it is more formal and is a direct request for permission. "Let us go to dinner!" ("Allow us to go to dinner!") The truth is, even as a native English speaker, I am not sure how "let us" and "let's" became somewhat different. So, good for you for asking such a good question! :)
January 27, 2010
^^ Anney, that's honestly not really accurate. There are, of course, situations where "Let's go!" means something like "Hurry up, already!" (especially when a parent is talking to their child). But, on a whole, the contraction changes nothing. The only difference between, say, "Let's eat" and "Let us eat" is that the latter is less casual. The reason "Let's go!" sounds like an order, in certain circumstances, is because that particular phrase is often used in military settings. to indicate you will together charge the enemy, or start an operation or some such (like "Let's go! Today, gentlemen! Today!"). So, when a parent says "Let's go!" to a child (with the emphasis on 'go') it will have a similar connotation. But "Let's go!", in and by itself, is no more than a contraction. Like (casual): "Wanna catch a movie?" "Sure. Let's go!" There's no order implied there. Nor a request. It just means "Let us go."
January 25, 2010
"Let's" means some kind of order.But "let us" means some kind of request.For example, if you say"Let's go!"It means you want to make your listener go with you.If you say "Let us go!" It means there at least three people around ,and you want to go with your friend with the permition of anoter people.So it means request. Hope can help you.
January 25, 2010
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