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What resources are you using to learn your given language? My question is actually a three-part question: First, how exactly are you learning your chosen language? For example, are you taking classes somewhere? Do you have a personal tutor, or are you teaching yourself? Second, if you are teaching yourself, what are your main learning tools? Are you using one of those complete language sets (that come with books, CDs and flashcards)? Or do you just stick with grammar and phrasebooks? Or are you learning through the internet (i.e. downloading language programs, using sites like italki)? And third, have you tried other language learning sites? I recently looked up Livemocha and I’m wondering if anyone else has ever used it. The reason I’m asking these questions is because I’ve been teaching myself French for almost 3 months now, and I’ve tried to be consistent. But lately, I seem to be losing focus “-_-. I’m hoping there are other people out there who are also teaching themselves. Maybe we can exchange ideas and methods? =) Thanks for all the feedback =) My goal is to be fluent in French (or at the very least to be able to understand and speak reasonably well French). And I know for that to happen I have to eventually either enroll in a course or find a tutor. Its just that at the moment I can't (but will hopefully do so after a couple of months). For now, I'm stuck with teaching myself =D So far the lesson plans I've been following have been pretty okay. But I was looking for ways to mix things up (like recently I started trying out translation exercises, and my French-to-English dictionary has been my best friend =) ). Anyway, again thanks for the suggestions everyone.
Jan 25, 2010 3:52 PM
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Hi, I have tried to learn Italian online, but like you have lost focus, so I am going to do a night course with a teacher.
January 26, 2010
Hello Sage, Online resources: language sites for learning and chatting. Offline resources: Language tutors, native speakers Books, Movies, Music etc (on- and offline)
January 30, 2010
me i try to read those whats wriiten in spanish and try to watch movies with spanish language i try to study how to pronounced those words and practice speaking it to some of my friends cowboy...
January 27, 2010
1.I learn english at school and also in my spare time I'll find sth to improve it. 2.through the internet.There're too many resource here. 3.some english learning website like putclub BTW,I'm also learning french now, and I strongly recommend you to take some courses because you know, exams can give you pressure and force you to study harder.
January 27, 2010
Hi I use EVERYTHING! Dictionaries (online and books) text books, story books, chatting with friends, google, italki, the news on TV - anything that will help :) :)
January 26, 2010
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