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shiny royal
hello people! i am on "top members this week" dear friends and respected persons! by this kind of rubbish question i just want to tell that i have got 3rd rank only with 54 answers [may be it will last for very short time]...before 2 week..if you wanted your name on top members list, you needed to give atleast more than 100 answers.. so clearly the number of answers by members is decreasing and the quality of answer is increasing...which reasons do you think are behind it...are they PROTESTANT ITALKIANS who are against the answers those are given only to increase number of answers?... for sure i can say that modern world is CHANGING SO FAST! lolz...your comments are warmly welcomed...people..i pray you to learn details before...then answer please....!
Jan 25, 2010 11:14 PM
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I understand, that you are here to learn English, not to teach. Right? If so, then shame on you! How're you dare disrespect ours reverent teachers? Outrageous behaviour! Put them through and behave yourself! Hehe..I'm joking and practicing my English.=) Seriously,I think the more activities from the members,the better.Less boredom and more fun.So let's proceed this way.(if no objection,of course) ;-)
January 26, 2010
Three ways to be listed on top, asnwers lot of questions, get lot of best answers, and by asking lot of questions. I created a robot and it can interpret 15 different languages. Additionally, I set up a program which is monitoring the Italki Q&A activities. I am possibly capable to answer more than 100 questions and stay on top all the time. However, I like to create and see new hero(s). Congratulation ! To be stay on the top-three list, you need to maintain an average of 90 answers.
January 26, 2010
Unfortunately, you are no longer a top member, when I saw your post. About a half year ago, I hit No.3 top number with nearly 50 answers. I tried to get NO.2 position, but the fact everyone's record is to be reseted once a week. Unexpectedly, the numbers of top members's answer turned into a higher level later, the average number became almost 80. So if you can hit 130, something will be sparked off. It can't be more funny. haha.
January 26, 2010
hey.Royal.congratulations to you!
January 28, 2010
Hi and congrats! :) I'm not sure what the exact system italki uses, and when the 'week' begins and ends. I'm surprised to hear that there is a minimum number of answers as I thought the grading was relative to other people answering. But I'm not concerned either way! :) I suspect this is just a part of the italki cycle: eventually we'll have more avid answerers, and then answers drop off again, then more answers... I can't see this as an indicator of the quality of answers, only the keenness of the italki users to answer at any given time.
January 27, 2010
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