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can anyone tell me hwo to make my english pronuncation become smooth and mellow? I am a chinese speaker.thanks i am sorry for the misspelling:"how", not "hwo".thanks
Jan 27, 2010 1:25 AM
Answers · 5
This Italki site will help you : Find English speaking language partners here For Chinese speakers learning English 还在为去国外旅游无法独自开口表达而烦恼吗? 有了 QuickSpeaker 这一切将变得轻松简单! QuickSpeaker 根据在外国旅游或生活中常遇到的不同场景,分为20大类,超过3000条日常用句,每条句子都包含专业的翻译及纯正的英语发音,通过您的手机,让您真正做到随用随学,沟通随时随地 !
January 30, 2010
Hi Ken, here are some tips for you: There is a free online talking dictionary of English pronunciation. Just click over the pink words to hear them spoken at You can learn English vocab free online This website has themed units with pictures and sound. English games and free English lessons for beginners. Pronunciation practice; can be found here at Italki.
January 30, 2010
Hi Ken The best way to improve your pronunciation is to speak with native speakers at this stage... Select few partners or friends and chat with them... Good luck!
January 27, 2010 lots of english movies and other documentries and some other videos lots of english articles with native english speaker...or talk to your self.... then be full of confidence and show your talent to the world!
January 27, 2010
watch some english movie with good conversation mostly drama can help you. cowboy...
January 27, 2010
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