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what we call for our brother's wife
27 янв. 2010 г., 11:03
Answers · 6
27 января 2010 г.
seems everybody got the answer what should i answers.i think i just going to give them up. cowboy...
28 января 2010 г.
What do we call our brother's wife? The sister-in-law. Our sister's husband is the brother-in-law. "In-law" refers to anyone related to you by marriage. However since their children are blood-relatives, you simply use nephew/niece. Of course, if it's someone married to your son/daughter, you'd use daughter-in-law or son-in-law.
27 января 2010 г.
brother`s wife = BHABHI in indian culture elder brother`s wife is next to mother!
27 января 2010 г.
27 января 2010 г.
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