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Humpty Dumpty, have you sung the nursery rhyme in your childhood? Could you please tell me the characteristics of the English nursery rhymes?I'm going to write my thesis on the translation of the English nursery rhymes. I choose it as my topic for I find the nursery rhymes interesting and they remind me of the happy childhood. In my thesis, I'm going to take the nusery rhyme Humpty Dumpty as one example. I'll appreciate a lot if you can give me some ideas of the nursery rhymes and share with me happiness that the nursery rhymes bring to you.
Jan 27, 2010 2:10 PM
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I sang Humpty Dumpty with my class when I was a child. I always enjoyed nursery rhymes. They were easy to learn because they told such interesting stories and because they rhymed so wonderfully. Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall Humpty Dumpty had a great fall All the King's horses, And all the King's men Couldn't put Humpty together again! These ryhmes were not invented by children, but, as you probably know, represented real events. The stories were passed on from generation to generation in rhyme form. When I learned Humpty Dumpty as a six-year-old, I had no idea of its original meaning, so I invented one for mysef. I figured that Humpty Dumpty was a very fat person who made the mistake of sitting on a wall. When he fell he hurt himself badly, and because he was fat, even the King and all his horses and men, were not able to help the man get up. Why the King would get involved, I didn't know, but it proved that nobody could help poor Humpty. The valuable lesson to be learned, in my six-year-old mind, was that fat people should not sit on walls. :) Another favorite of mind was Ring Around the Rosy. As children we would hold hands and dance in a circle singing the words: Ring around the rosy A pocketful of posies "Ashes, Ashes" We all fall down! At the end of the rhyme we all fell to the ground at the same time. What fun that was! I didn't know back then exactly what the words meant. The rhyme is beautiful and threatening at the same time. Flowers and ashes strange! When we all sang together and circled hand in hand, it had a magically scary effect. I have sinced learned that the rhyme is actually a commemoration of the bubonic plague that destroyed Europe in the Middle Ages. There were so many beautiful and interesting nursery rhymes. I still remember most of them some 50 years later!
January 28, 2010
I checked Language Tutor's link, wow there's a lot! Some I don't even recognise. If this helps, other ones I remember well are: "Mary Mary quite contrary" (again, historical reference to Mary Queen of Scots) and "Hickory Dickory Dock". AH and "Three Blind Mice". PS. I had a different version of "Ring-a ring-a Rosy", where we said "A-tishoo! A-tishoo!"(sneeze). I learnt the Italian version a couple of years ago: "Gira, gira il mondo..."
January 28, 2010
Yes I did. Also Baa, baa black sheep, Miss Polly had a dolly, London bridge is falling down, Little Jack Horner, Mary , Mary quite contrary and many others that the Italki members mentioned. The Wiggles also sing a lot of nursery rhymes.
January 29, 2010
yes i almost forgot it anyway thanks i recall my first class. cowboy...
January 28, 2010
Hi Michel, Humpty, Dumpty ,yes of course ;) Check those links for more nursery rhymes. Here you can find out about their origins and history : * *
January 28, 2010
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