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How difficult is it to start learning Korean?
2008年2月24日 10:16
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안녕하셔요 ,반갑습니다 .
There is an interesting language classification by CIA in the US. CIA classified Korean, Japanese, and Chinese as one of the most difficult languages for English speakers to learn. It seems that English speakers face similar level of difficulties in learning those languages, although Chinese are very different language from the other two. So, I think that the difficulty that you will face would be similar to the amount that you faced when you learned Chinese (I believe that you are a native English speaker based on your profile). There are different kinds of difficulties known. 1. grammar : Chinese is the easiest. Korean and Japanese are more difficult 2. writing system: Korean is the easiest. Chinese and Japanese are difficult 3. Pronunciation: Japanese is the easiest next is Korean (but the gap between Japanese is not big) Chinese is the most difficult Although those different kind of difficulties, It seems that the overall difficulty to English speakers is in a similar level. Another observation that may help to see the difficulty is Chinese who are learning Korean language. I saw some Chinese, speaking Korean in TV, sometime. Their language achievement looks better than English speakers who are learning Korean. There are a lot of vocabulary with the common root, so Chinese speakers (or anyone who learned Chinese) can take advantage in learning vocabulary.
As i've seen some ppl gave up learning korean at the first step. Most said ' the change of the ending (of a predicate)' got them confused .. My sister's fiance couldn't keep learnin Korean by that either. i'm sure the pronunciation is also a matter . but it's same to any 'new' languages.. The very first step , such as writing & reading korean characters, is not so hard as it seems. If you really wanted to get 'nice' Korean, you would need to be 'very' patient for learning the basic rule of korean grammar. (just for understanding the tense & the ending) After the step, you would get korean rapidly by practicing with more vocabularies If you didn't want the 'boring' way of learning grammar first. You might want to learn just daily expressions with simple notes It might seems so easy , there would be limits as u learned it more though.. I'm korean so that my opinion might be a bit different from the viewpoint of foreign ppl .
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