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Dialects of your Country? Here in Philippines we have 170 dialects has been spoken. China have hundred of it for i know.i think theres still some dialects that not been recognize. 1.What i want to ask if there's a country don't have a sub-dialects exept for their national language? 2.I want to know if your country have a sub-dialect can you please tell how you call it? Regards cowboy...
Jan 30, 2010 7:14 AM
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here more the thousend dialects in do you think i can explane them here.......
February 3, 2010
Romania has four dialects: * Daco-Roman - commonly known as "Romanian", spoken in Romania today. * Aromanian (var. armani) or macedoromâna, spoken by relatively large areas of Macedonia, Albania, Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia and Romania, where there are significant Aromanian communities, especially in Dobrogea. * Meglena or Megleno, spoken by a relatively small area in the southern Balkans region Meglen. * Istro-Romanian, spoken in several villages in northeastern Istria peninsula in Croatia, geographically much closer to Italy than Romania, but showing obvious similarities with Romanian. Istro-Romanians community it seems to be here before the XII century. But, like most natural languages, Romanian can be regarded as a dialect continuum. The dialects of Romanian are distinguished by minor differences in pronunciation. Romanians themselves speak of the differences as accents or "speeches" . Several regional accents are usually distinguished: •   Muntenian accent (Graiul muntenesc), spoken mainly in Wallachia and southern parts of Dobruja. •   Oltenian accent (Graiul oltenesc), spoken mainly in Oltenia Moldavian accent (Graiul moldovenesc), spoken mainly in Moldavia, northern parts of Dobruja and Moldova. •   Maramureşian accent (Graiul maramureşean), spoken mainly in Maramureş. •   Transylvanian accent (Graiul ardelenesc), spoken mainly in Transylvania. •   Banatian accent (Graiul bănăţean), spoken mainly in Banat.
January 31, 2010
Well, besides Castilian, some of the most important languages/dialects in Spain are: -Catalan (talked in Catalonia) Is a romance language with French and Italian influences -Valencian (talked in Valencia) is seems to Catalan -Galician (talked in Galicia) is a mix between Castilian and Portuguese -Euskera/Vasco (Basque) without latin roots -Majorcan (Majorca) Similar to Catalan and Valencian -Asturian (Bable) similar to Castilian
January 30, 2010
Canadian english was derived from British english and therefore contains all the standard words sopeken by the britts. but we do not use their slang, we have a slang of our own that is considered a dialect. but here in canada we aswell have a few dialects. becuase we have french aswell in my country, there is also french-english dialect and vice versa. plus we have some influence from the states when regaurding english slang, so that adds to everything.
January 30, 2010
I like to think of Australian English as a kind of dialect, considering how we often confuse folk from other English-speaking countries. ;) There's a discussion over whether the accent varies much between our major cities (which are about a thousand or more kilometres apart) - not so easy to spot at home, but we do hear the differences when travelling overseas. Also, some words differ between cities, but these are rare cases. Not enough to divide into dialects, however. I'm thinking of 'police wagon', which in Victoria as called a 'divvy (divided) van'. In Queensland, I think we called it the 'booze bus' for a while since it was often used when catching drink-drivers.
January 30, 2010
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