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Have you ever felt exhausted? Have you ever felt that you've stretched yourself so hard that you couldn't go any longer? Have you ever felt exhausted? And on what occasions?
Dec 14, 2007 6:55 AM
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I m exhausted already cause i read you. lol
December 15, 2007
depends on how long the distance is to your goal, whatever the longterm or shortterm one. In my way of thinking, always making shortterm goals are helpful to keep you energitic. Otherwise it will be more likely to make people feel exhausted. Does this apply to you?
December 14, 2007
看到你要学习中文,所以我用中文回答吧. 我也会这样的感觉,尤其在我矛盾于自己的抉择,该不该继续去做插画设计等等,也许我该做份更稳定的工作,在哪个城市生活的抉择and so on? 呵呵,这样的思考让我feel exhausted. 但是,事情来到眼前的时候,该做什么还要去做什么, 即使在一个城市生活很累,很多不如意, 但若我心中的目标还在,就会振作起来.
December 14, 2007
of course everyone will feel exhausted sometimes.For me, i usually feel exhausted quite easily if i have to do something that i am not interested in. On the contrary, if something can arouse my curiosity or give sense of accomplishment, even it entails much more physical and mental consumption, i will still not feel that exhausted. so interest makes the difference.
December 14, 2007
Perhaps most of us will have such kind of moment, that's natrual, come on, nothing can hold you forever. Actually, I had a long talk with my friends, we talked too much, the time you get lost in a moment, just try to find a way back into life again. That's enought, move on, let it be.
December 14, 2007
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