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Talented children should be allowed to have a normal childhood. Do you agree with it? Why?
Jan 31, 2010 8:55 AM
Answers · 8
yes, if the child is talented then why shouldnt we train him\her? for sure the child must be allowed for the childish things those he\she wants to do.. but we should train her to use his\her talent! and to make him\her better than other competitors!
February 4, 2010
@ Royal Shiny : a 'normal childhood' would mean 'having a normal childhood living' - away from being supervised or dictated by someone, away from being stopped from doing childhood things and to experience the precious childhood life. I believe this is one among the frustration of Michael Jackson. hence, written the song "Have you seen my Childhood." Children, despite of being a 'telented', should ALWAYS be given the privelege to experience their childhood the way it is. This is the most important stage in life where they can be developed not just by their parent's guidance alone, but by themselves. :)
February 1, 2010
yes! they should fairly treat like others so they wont feel that they are not different. cowboy...
February 1, 2010
All the talented childred that I met in US have normal life. Since I am the father of one of these talented children, so I have the knowledge to say so. http://arcoplaza/database/websites/Davidson/default.asp I encourage my daughter(s) to play with computers and participate in community works. Believe me, my daughters they can beat most of the boys in playing computer games.
January 31, 2010
@ROYAL SHINY yeah,I know that,some children are really tanlated,and people wanna train them to the peak of their abilities,so they isolate the talented children.
January 31, 2010
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