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sweet~ 혜기~girl
hiiiiii .... i want to know how to pronounce the letters Korean...thanks
Jan 31, 2010 9:13 AM
Answers · 4 you can see pronounce video i can 't english so sorry
February 1, 2010
아 (a)- cAt 어 (eo) - british pronunciation of nOt 오 (o)- Owe 우 (u)- dO 으 (eu) - heavEn 이 (i)- tIn/sEE 애 (ae) - bEar 에 (e) - Edelweiss 야 (ya) - YArn 여 (yeo) - YOrk 유 (yu) - YOU 요 (yo) - YOdel 얘 (yae) - YEAh 예 (ye) - YAle 와 (wa) - WAH 왜 (wae) - WHEre 외 (oe) - WAY 워 (weo) - WAsh 웨 (we) - WAY 위 (wi) - WInd 의 (ui) - uh-ee
January 31, 2010
there are many topics her teach everything about hangeul
February 2, 2010
Here's a couple of picks from Youtube which I like: "Professor Oh" - these are only the consonants, but she's thorough. Pity she hasn't made more of these. Hangul letters in rap style!
January 31, 2010
sweet~ 혜기~girl
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