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Sophia Zhao
hello,If I wanna to open a shop which sales tea and teapot,could u please think out of a good name for it?
Jan 31, 2010 12:17 PM
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Do you want a name in English or Chinese? How about: 1) Chai 'n' Cha (The name for tea in Hindi and the Mandarin name for tea) 2) Silk Road Tea Traders 3) Tea Utopia (This means the heaven of tea) 4) All You Need is Tea 5) Kuan Yin Teas and Fine Pottery 6) 1773 (This is a reference to the Boston Tea Party, a famous event in USA history) 7) High Tea (A reference to British afternoon tea) 8) Tea-Licious (A word-play on the word 'delicious' 9) Imperial Teas 10) Alice in Wonderland Teas and Teapots (A reference to the famous movie and the famous tea party in the movie) 11) Tea-topia (A play on the words 'tea' and 'Utopia')
January 31, 2010
Hello Sophia, There is an English idiom " I won't do it...not for all the tea in China". There is so much tea in China, the idiom suggests that nothing could persuade you. All over the world, the word "China" is synonymous with fine porcelain. Using the idiom and the fact that you sell tea and teapots, I suggest..... ALL the TEA n CHINA Note: n is a short slang form for "and".
January 31, 2010
well i believe in modern names..... if i would open a tea shop, i would think about name and the tag line also, because in modern world this 2 things are very important. name = fusion tag line = the fusion of joy and taste name=feeling tag line = the real feeling of tea and can choose a name and can give a beautiful tag line... madam adhi malini`s suggestions are also beautiful you can choose a tag line for each of them... best luck!
February 2, 2010
"Tea Wave", " Tea & Pot"
February 2, 2010
"tea and teapots for all season's" cowboy...
February 1, 2010
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