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Mrs Shipra
Is it possible to suggest me how to construct sentence the below? Instead of sentence is it possible to reconstruct sentence ? I would like to know about internet marketing?Can you suggest me the web address for internet marketing?Is it free registration of site? Kindly give me informanation about internet marketing.And more more online jobs.
Jan 31, 2010 3:39 PM
Answers · 2
what do you mean by reconstruct? i can give you some variant of your sentences though im not sure its what you wanted. I am interested in internet marketing. Can you give me some links to the sites connected with internet marketing? Is the registration free? Please give me additional information about internet marketing and about online jobs. Hmmm
January 31, 2010
Yes, it is possible to reconstruct the sentences. You're looking for a proof-reading, I assume? Reema's answer is very spot on, here's my attempt (there's many ways to re-write this): "I would like to know more about internet marketing. Could you please suggest some websites on the subject? Also, is there free registration on these sites? Please send me some information regarding internet marketing, and related online jobs." ...and remember to say thankyou! ;) hehe
January 31, 2010
Mrs Shipra
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