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another question.. for the personal pronoun they... they is geu or geunyo depending on the gender of who are reffered to. am i right ?? ( just say so if i'm wrong. ) then how would you say it if you're referring to a group of people with males and females in it. *pls. don't laugh at my question. ;D i know it's funny. thanks anyway. :D
31 sty 2010 17:40
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if you are refering to "him/her/she/he", use 걔... when you say 그녀, it means "that girl"... 그 is that and 녀 is girl... i'm not sure what do they use as "they" but you can use "~들" like "그 사람들이" which means "those people" "그 사람이" which means that person...
1 lutego 2010
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